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LD Salmiak Portion

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Shipped from: Sweden

A taste of salmiak.

LD Salmiak Portion has a mild and fruity taste of salmiak and rich tobacco. This snus has a regular sized pouch.

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Our L.D Black, Portion Review


Manufactured by JTI Sweden AB, LD Black portion snus has some unique qualities shared only by a few other portion snus brands. LD Black’s portion material is black in color. While this is unique in the world of snus, it’s becoming more and more common. The thing that makes LD Black really unique is the fact that the portions are classed as regular type portions. The other black portion brands are classed as White type portions making LD Black the unique black portion! As you all remember, regular type portions go thru an additional step before being placed in the can that adds a bit more moisture to each one that helps the flavors marry better and release their flavor faster in the lip. The black material that JTI uses in LD Black is the same teabag type material that’s used in their other portions just black in color instead of white. The portions stay comfortable in the lip for over 2 hours and don’t worry, LD Black won’t turn your teeth black! Each can of LD Black contains 24, one gram portions with each having 8 mg of Nicotine. LD Black’s can is made of black plastic and does have a used portion compartment in the lid. This compartment has a unique hinged lid that makes the compartment convenient to use but, enough about the can, let’s look at the flavor! JTI describes LD Black’s flavor as being of sweet licorice and they are correct! LD Black does taste of a sweet licorice but the flavor we think it comes pretty close to is a liquor called Jagermeister! The same type of bold licorice/anise flavor that Jagermeister is known for is in LD Black without the alcohol. There is even a slight burn when it’s in the lip that is reminiscent of the burn in the throat one gets when drinking Jagermeister. We think snus users looking for a snus that has a flavor that’s outside the norm will like LD Black but, we’ll let you decide. So, why not add a can of LD Black portion snus to your next order and let us know what you taste. Be sure to leave a review of your own, we’ll be looking forward to reading it!

Product Info Flavored, Portion
Nicotine (mg/g) 10
Portion Weight (g) 0.9
Flavor Licorice, Salmiak
Brand LD
Manufacturer JTI Sweden
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 18
Net Weight (oz) 0.63
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