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Lyft Nicotine Pouches

Lyft is the new version of products from the same producer of the classic brand Epok. The difference is that Lyft’s slim nicotine pouches are all white but still contain the same great taste. In a mix of great different flavors, Lyft is today one of the most sold nicotine pouch brands in the UK. Find your personal favorite in-between everything from the classic Mint to a refreshing burst of Berry Frost.

The cans are produced in a cylindrical shape, which makes them a perfect fit for your pocket and super easy to open. That combined with the handy lid at the top of the can to put your used pouches makes the Lyft products perfect to carry along and use - whatever your next adventure holds.

So if you’re looking for a brand providing many great flavors in different strengths - Go for Lyft!


What is Lyft Nicotine Pouches?

Lyft is one of the first brands in the market of Nicotine Pouches ever produced. The manufacturer behind Lyft is British American Tobacco, BAT, famous for their great variety of products and creativity, from Nicotine Pouches to Snus

In BAT's catalog of brands you are also able to find the classic brands VELO and EPOK. 

Lyft's products are easy to use. All you need to do is to pop a pouch under your upper lip and enjoy the content wherever you are at any time. 

Is Lyft Snus?

Lyft is not what we call Snus due to the fact that Lyft is completely tobacco free. Although the principle with Nicotine Pouches and Snus are basically the same since you use them under your lip.


Lyft Flavours

Lyft provides the market with one of the widest assortment of different flavours, where you're basically able to find something from any category there is. 

  • Mint - In the most classic category Lyft have produced some of the best flavours there is with the well-balanced Ice Cool Mint and strong menthol flavoured Freeze leading the segment forward, backed up with the sweet mint in Lyft Winter Chill, the regular Lyft Mint and the mellow Lyft Easy Mint. 

  • Fruit - Lyft provides the fruit segment with some great and creative alternatives in Lyft Tropic Breeze and Lyft Caribbean Spirit.

  • Berry - In a great mix of sweet and sour, Lyft has opened up their berry segment with a blend of wild berries and strawberry in Lyft Ruby Berry.

  • Coffee - The Cafe Latte infused Lyft Blonde Roast is one of the most sold Coffee flavoured nicotine pouches in the UK with a perfect blend of sweet and bitter. 

  • Liquorice - Licorice flavoured pouches are mainly made for you looking for that characteristic flavour of sweet and salt. In Lyft's assortment, there is no difference with a high flavour combined with a high nicotine content in Lyft Liquorice. 

As the list above tells - Lyft's assortment has something for everyone flavourvise.

Nicotine Strengths of Lyft

In a matter of different strengths of nicotine, the strength category covers them all. From Less Intense to Extra Strong, making Lyft's assortment a great place for any user of nicotine, no matter if you're new or experienced. 

  • In the Extra Strong segment of Lyft's assortment, you are able to find some different shades of mint packed in slim nicotine pouches. Lyft's Extra strong products are mainly recommended for experienced users of nicotine.

  • The Strong category of Lyft's assortment presents a wider range than the extra strong one flavor-wise offering everything from a tropical fruit punch and lime to licorice and mint. Lyft's strong segment is mainly recommended for experienced users of nicotine.

  • Lyft's Normal Strong nicotine pouches are recommended for any user of nicotine providing the market with a great variety of different flavours - from tropic and red berries to mint and coffee.

  • In the Less Intense segment of Lyft's assortment, you are able to find different Mini nicotine pouches in flavours of mint and violet. Less Intense portions are recommended for new users of nicotine.