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SKE widens its vaping selection with the addition of SKE Sour Apple Crystal Bar 600 (20mg). This vaping device has around 600 long-lasting puffs. 
The Profile Of SKE Crystal Bar Sour Apple 600 (20mg) 

SKE Crystal vape line now has a new flavour in Crystal Bar Sour Apple. This blend offers the taste of apples. With its built-in battery, there is no need to recharge. The device is a disposable vape, and has a smaller battery. It is easy to use and can be recycled once the e-liquid runs out. 

Nicotine Strength SKE Crystal Bar Sour Apple 600 (20mg) 

SKE Sour Apple Crystal Bar 600 (20mg) has 20mg of nicotine in salts format. The crystal bar vape has a 2ml e-liquid content. 

About SKE Crystal Bar Sour Apple 600 (20mg) Brand 

SKE is the home of the Crystal Sour Apple Vape 600 (20mg). This manufacturer produces vapes and e-liquids in many variants. Each vaping device has a portable design. Every device undergoes quality check and tests to ensure proper performance. It gives its users a wide array of flavours. Visit the SKE Crystal brand page to know more.

Brand SKE Crystal
ProductPage.Specs.A.Format Disposable
ProductPage.Specs.A.Vapestrength 20mg
ProductPage.Specs.A.Flavour Fruit
ProductPage.Specs.A.Puffs 600
ProductPage.Specs.A.TypeFilter Vape
ProductPage.Specs.A.NicotineFormat Salts
ProductPage.Specs.A.Chargable NO
ProductPage.Specs.A.ActivationMethod Inhale activated
ProductPage.Specs.A.MadeIn China
ProductPage.Specs.A.BatteryType Integrated
ProductPage.Specs.A.Batterycapacity 500 mAh
ProductPage.Specs.A.Eliquid 2ml
Producer SKE
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productextrasection/EXTRAS This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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