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SKE Crystal Vape Review (2023)

The Crystal Bar vape - the original disposable vape pen from SKE vapes. These have been growing in popularity among disposable vape enthusiasts, but are they really worth the hype? Our in-house expert gives you her honest SKE Crystal review, looking at the most important factors you should look at when buying a vape such as features, setup and even going in depth with reviewing the most popular SKE Crystal Bar flavours. 

Overview of the SKE Crystal Vape Features

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this SKE Crystal disposable vape review, it is important to know the basic facts. Some of the most notable features of the SKE Crystal Disposable Vape are:

  • Vape Size: 110 (length) x 16 (deep) x 16.25 (wide)
  • Device made of metal and plastic
  • 1.2Ω mesh coil
  • Prefilled with 2 ml of nicotine salt eliquid
  • 20mg (2%) of nicotine per bar
  • Up to 500 puffs
  • 500mAh pre-charged internal battery
  • Over 35 flavour options

SKE Crystal Review: Appearance and Setup


“After opening the box, you will find the SKE Crystal bar sealed in a plastic packet with a simple tear seal, which I appreciate as I know my vape has not been touched (even if the box has been opened). When you get the Crystal Bar out of the packaging, you will find plastic covers over the base and mouthpiece, similar to most other disposable vapes. Once out of the packaging, straight offf the bat, I like the design and size of the Crystal Bar. Like most disposable pens, the device is about the size of a pen, but definitely feels more solid than some other disposable devices.

The setup was also straightforward - the Crystal disposable vape required no charging, I just could take the covers off then take the first puffs - no buttons or other menu systems are on the device which made the setup hassle-free. 
Overall, when it comes to the appearance and setup part of the SKE Crystal review: I like how the pen itself has a classic metallic design with a crystal casing (tying in nicely with the naming) and that the device is user-friendly. These solid yet ergonomic vapes along with the flavour-based colour-coding start the SKE Crystal Bar off with a solid 4 stars!”

SKE Crystal Flavours: Top 3 Flavours Review

The SKE Crystal Bar flavours list features over 36 different flavours to choose from. For this review, I tested the top 3 SKE Crystal Vapes on Northerner:

SKE Crystal Flavours Review: Blueberry Cherry Cranberry


Flavour Description: “A flavour combination of sweet blueberry, tart cherry and cranberry.”

“As with most vapes, the name of the flavour tells you what you get. I get why this is a popular choice with Northerner customers, I prefer a sweeter vape and this hits the nail on the head. This SKE flavour has genuine fruit flavours that are not too sugary or artificial tasting. Overall, I like this flavour and would recommend it to other fruit vape lovers - however, this flavour looses a couple of stars in the consistency. The flavour does seem to loose a bit of potency over time, mainly as you get towards the end of the vape’s life.”

SKE Crystal Flavours Review: Watermelon Ice


Flavour Description: “A flavour combination of sweet watermelon with cool menthol on the exhale.”

"The Watermelon Ice SKE Crystal flavour offers a genuine watermelon flavour that is not too sugary or come with an artificial aftertaste and is complemented by a subtle menthol flavour hint on the exhale. This combination provides a sweet watermelon and minty flavour experience that is not overpowering, which is part of what makes it a popular choice among Northerner customers. For those who enjoy sweeter vape flavours but don't want something that is overly sweet, this is a great option to consider and is my personal favourite SKE Crystal Bar flavour."

SKE Crystal Flavour Review: Blueberry Sour Raspberry


Flavour Description: “A flavour combination of sweet blueberry with a sour raspberry tang.”

As one of the top rated SKE Crystal Bar flavours, the Blueberry Sour Raspberry vape had to be in the list of flavours tried for this review. I had not tried this vape before, but after trying this vape I can see how this vape has become a bestseller on Northerner. It has a strong flavour, with the blueberry being super noticeable on the inhale. The exhale for me had more of the sour raspberry notes which complemented the strong, sweet fruit flavour nicely.”

SKE Crystal Review: Overall Performance


Performance can make or break a vape, so it was super important that we really tested the overall performance of the SKE Crystal vape. After trying these vapes for a full week, I found that the Crystal Bar vapes I tried definitely performed up to the final puffs consistently, with each device giving me just under 600 puffs (so just a little under the advertised 600 puffs). It lasts throughout the day and constantly delivered the vape juice flavour, however with some flavours I found that the flavour did decrease in strength towards the end. However, overall the performance was pretty solid and earns 3 stars - it could earn more if the experience was the same across all flavours.”

SKE Crystal Review: Prices


“Crystal Bar prices start from £3.55 per vape on Northerner. This price point is a little higher than you find with some of the other disposable vape brands on Northerner (such as Elf Bar and Lost Mary). However, it is a good price for a quality disposable, and the fact you can buy not just single vapes but multipacks is a good way to make sure you always have your favourite flavour at a great price!”

SKE Crystal Review: Overall Verdict


Overall, based on all the factors we looked at, the SKE Crystal Bar disposable is a solid option for vapers who want a quality MTL-compatible vape option. The main cons are that they are disposable, which means it is not the most environmentally friendly vape option, they are a little bigger than some of the other vape pens, and there can be some consistency issues as you get to the final puffs with some flavours.
However, despite this I feel the SKE Crystal vape offers a flavourful and convenient option in general. If these devices were more sustainable and consistent, then it would definitely be heading towards a 5 star rating!

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