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A picture of the Vuse Go and Vuse Go edition vapes against a colourful background.

Vuse Go Review

Vuse Go - a new and popular disposable vape choice from Vuse vapes. But are they worth the hype? Check out the latest expert Vuse Go review, looking at the most important factors you should look at when buying a vape such as features, setup, flavours, performance and price. Our in-house expert shares her thoughts on the Vuse Go vape. 

Overview of the Vuse Go Features

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the review, it is important to know the basic stats for the Vuse Go. Some of the highlighted features of the Vuse Go vape are:

  • Vape Size: 107.95mm (length) x 15mm (deep) x 15mm (width)
  • Prefilled with 2 ml of eliquid
  • 20mg (2%) and 10mg (1%) nicotine strength options (but I tested the 20mg Vuse Go in this review)
  • Up to 500 puffs
  • 370mAh internal battery
  • Over 9 flavours
  • MTL compatible

Vuse Go Appearance and Setup


My first impression is that the Vuse Go is around the size I’d expect, with the pen itself around the size of a crayon which is similar to most other disposable vape pens. When you open the box, you find that the Vuse Go bar itself is sealed in a plastic packet with a simple tear seal. When you get Vuse bar out of the packaging, you find two plastic covers (similar to the ones you find on Elf Bar 600s or other disposable vape pens) - one cover is over the mouthpiece and the other cover is over the base of the device. 
One of the best things about disposable vapes, such as the Vuse Go, is that they are straightforward to setup. As they don’t require charging, you can just take the covers off the Vuse Go pen and take the first puffs - no buttons or other menu systems are on the device. 
In summary, I like how the pen itself has a classic metallic design and is also user-friendly. These pocket-friendly designs and the fact the vapes are colour-coded with the flavour means it is off to a good start with a solid 4 stars!

Vuse Go Flavours

The Vuse Go range currently has 9 different flavours to choose from. For this review, I tested the top 3 customer favourite flavours: 

Vuse Go Flavours Review: Watermelon Ice


Flavour Description: “A flavour combination of sweet watermelon with cool menthol on the exhale.”

As the name suggests, this vape does pair watermelon with menthol to cut through the sweetness as you exhale. I get why this is a popular choice with Northerner customers, as a sweeter vape flavour lover personally - this was a well balanced vape. The Watermelon Vuse Go flavour has a genuine watermelon taste that is not too sugary or artificial, and is enhanced with a subtle menthol hint on the exhale. It gives off a fresh watermelon and minty feeling that is not overpowering. Although I'm not usually a fan of menthol in my vapes, this combination is very pleasant.
Overall, I think if you are a fan of ice flavours or like a sweet vape flavour but don’t want one that is sickly sweet, consider giving the Vuse Go Watermelon Ice a go!

Vuse Go Flavours Review: Strawberry Ice


Flavour Description: “A flavour combination of sweet strawberry and cool menthol on the exhale.”

There is quite the theme in the best Vuse Go flavours: the ice flavours always seem to be a customer favourite. The description states that it (unsurprisingly) has a sweet strawberry base with a menthol note on the exhale. 
After trying this vape, I can see how this vape has become a bestseller on Northerner. It has a strong flavour, with the strawberry flavour being super noticeable on the inhale. The exhale gives a cool menthol chill, which I am not usually a fan of, but balances well with the sweet fruit flavour. While I personally prefer the Watermelon Ice, this is a solid option if you prefer a berry flavoured vape.

Vuse Go Flavour Review: Mango Ice


Flavour Description: “A flavour combination of summer mango and cool menthol on the exhale.”

Mango Ice - mango and menthol are two flavours you might be questioning “can they really work together?” (I know I questioned this combination before trying it). The answer is they can work together, and it is definitely a good vape flavour choice. The mango is super present on the inhale, with a sweet tropical flavour, and the menthol flavour gently cuts through as you exhale the flavour. The fact the menthol adds a dimension to the flavour rather than overpowers the mango is a great feature of this Vuse Go flavours. A solid tropical vape flavour choice!

Vuse Go Overall Performance


Vuse Go are known for their performance - so it was important we really tested their overall performance. I found that the Vuse Go vapes I tried definitely performed up to the final puffs consistently, with each device giving me just under 500 puffs (so not too far from what is advertised). It lasts throughout the day and constantly delivered the vape juice flavour, even after using it back to back which gives it a solid 4 star rating. 

Vuse Go Prices


Vuse Go prices start from £3.80 per vape on Northerner, which is the same price point as other disposable vape brands on Northerner (such as Elf Bar and Lost Mary). It is a good price for a disposable, and the fact you can buy not just single vapes but multipacks is a good way to make sure you always have your favourite flavour Vuse Go vape on hand but also so you get the best prices. 

Vuse Go: Overall Verdict


Overall, based on all the factors we looked at in this Vuse review, I think the Vuse Go is a solid choice for all disposable vape vapers who want a solid MTL compatible option. The main cons are that they are disposable, which means it is not the most environmentally friendly vape option, and they are not available in so many flavours vs other disposable brands currently. 
However, the Vuse Go is a flavourful and convenient vape choice. If these devices can become more sustainable and they widen the flavour range, then they will get the full 5 stars from me. 

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