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Tobacco-free COZ nicotine pouches are made of all-white snus. It's available in 4 flavours manufactured by COZ Snus AS. The company aims to produce environmentally friendly products.

Thanks to their 25 years of experience in nicotine and tobacco manufacturing, COZ are safe nicotine pouches. Norway's unique features and atmosphere inspired their invention.

COZ Nicotine Pouches

Other than being tobacco-free, COZ is available in pure white colour. Undoubtedly, this is the outcome of going through extensive production processes. Therefore, by lowering the taste and smell of tobacco, they produced a fresher, flavourful, and cleaner COZ snuff.

COZ’s main objective is creating new ground-breaking and fan concepts. With their nicotine pouches, they achieve just that. On top of adhering to the Swedish food classification, COZ has set high-quality demands that help them improve the products. In addition, their modern facilities help them attain the highest quality imaginable.


 Blue Avalanche
 Green Glacier
 Purple Midnight
 Red Sunset

Inspiration from Norway

COZ gets its inspiration from Norway with its colourful northern lights, thunder waterfalls, mighty glaciers, fjords, and high mountains. Norway's clean fresh air and crystal-clear water also inspire COZ. Some of its flavours get their names from Norway’s beautiful features.