LEWA Apple/Spruce Slim Nicotine Free Portion Pouches

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An apple and spruce flavoured portion pouch completely free from nicotine, tobacco, and sugar.

LEWA Apple/Spruce Slim Nicotine Free Portion Pouches


Nicotine free



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LEWA Apple/Spruce Slim Nicotine Free Portion Pouches is a functional product with an ingredient composition developed to provide energy and promote oral health. The portion pouches contain 100% natural ingredients, such as organic caffeinated tea, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other ingredients beneficial for the user. The flavour originates from Scandinavian nature, with its vast fields and untouched primeval forests. LEWA’s products are free from tobacco, nicotine, and sugar and can be used as an alternative to chewing gum and energy drinks. The portion pouch is small to ensure a comfortable and discreet user experience, allowing you to use LEWA anytime, anywhere.

How to use LEWA:
  1. Open the package by tearing off the upper part at the perforation.
  2. Pick up a portion pouch by tipping the package downwards.
  3. Place the pouch flat and horizontally under your upper lip.
  4. Seal the package with the zip-lock function, to prevent the pouches from drying.
  5. The position and moistness of the pouch can be easily adjusted with your tongue when you use the pouch.

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Short facts
Brand LEWA
Flavour Fruit
Strength Nicotine free
Product type Nicotine Free
Content per can (gram) 9
Format Slim
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 0
Producer LEWA of Sweden AB


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