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Nicotine Pouches

Not sure what nicotine pouches are? Then you've come to the right place!

Read up on some of the main benefits here and get to know the top nicotine pouch brands currently in our UK assortment. 

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Nicotine Pouches UK

Originally from Sweden, these small, white, tea bag-like pouches contain nicotine and are designed to be placed under your top lip where the nicotine can be absorbed. Also referred to as "snus" or "white snus," they're completely tobacco-free and discreet enough that you can use them indoors, outdoors or on-the-go.

Different Types of Nicotine Pouches

The nicotine pouch category is growing, especially in the UK as the rates of smoking cigarettes decline and people look for alternatives to traditional tobacco products. Right now, on Northerner, you have the ability to choose:


We stock more flavours than you will find in-store and through our close partnerships with top brands, we make sure that you always have access to exciting launches and exclusive products.

From the classics like Nordic Spirit Mint Slim (Extra Strong), to more unique combinations such as LOOP Jalapeno Lime (Strong) or ZYN Chili Guava (X-Strong), you're sure to find a pouch for every mood!


We have less intense nicotine pouches on offer (from 1.5mg of nicotine per pouch) as well as extra strong snus (up to 20mg of nicotine per pouch). 

Check out our full range of nicotine pouch strengths and keep in mind that the classification of Strong vs Extra Strong, etc. is not the same from brand to brand, so always go by the milligrams of nicotine per pouch when deciding what to buy.

Pouch Size

Differences in pouch size are subtle (only a few millimetres more/less in terms of length/width), but do have an impact on the so-called "mouth feel" of your nicotine pouch experience and also how well they fit under your lip.

Slim and Mini pouches are the standard offering, but some brands go even further with a Super Slim pouch and a Large pouch. 

Overwhelmed by choice? We've compiled a list of snus bestsellers from our very own customers’ shopping carts for you to browse through!

Best Nicotine Pouches UK: Top 4

  1. 1. VELO Ice Cool Mint (Strong)
  2. 2. Nordic Spirit Spearmint (Extra Strong)
  3. 3. VELO Freeze Ultra
  4. 4. ZYN Cool Mint (X-Strong)

Best Nicotine Pouch Brands: Top 6

  1. 1. VELO
  2. 2. Nordic Spirit
  3. 3. On!
  4. 4. LOOP
  5. 5. ZYN
  6. 6. Übbs

Benefits of Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are an innovative way of enjoying nicotine without the health risks of tobacco inhalation, the hassle of lighting up in designated areas or the worry of exposing anyone to second-hand smoke.  

Some of the main benefits of nicotine pouches are: 

  1. 1. They're discreet. No matter which size/format you choose, nicotine pouches have been designed in such a way that they’re barely detectable when tucked under your top lip. It may feel a bit strange in the beginning, but those around you won’t notice a difference. 

  2. 2. They're smoke-free. While these products contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance, there’s no combustion or inhalation of tobacco – meaning they don’t have the same specific health risks posed by smoking. 

  3. 3. They don't require any extra equipment. Lost your lighter? Or forgot to charge your vape? No worries. Nicotine pouches are a self-contained product, so you'll never need an additional device to use them. Simply pop the can, park a pouch and go about your business.  

  4. 4. You can multi-task with a nicotine pouch in your mouth. The ability to enjoy a hands-free nicotine experience eliminates the need for constant smoke breaks and opens up for more productive possibilities. 

  5. 5. There's no mess. Nicotine pouches don't produce any smoke or ash and, therefore, don't need cleaning up. They also come in a handy, pocket-sized can which contains a compartment in the lid for you to dispose of used pouches, so you don't even need to be near a bin when using them. 

  6. 6. There's choice in terms of flavour and strength. These days, you'll find more flavour and strength options available than ever before across different brands in the market. This allows you to customise your nicotine experience (to a certain extent), with different fruity and minty options among the most popular for Northerner customers and strengths ranging from 1.5mg all the way up to 20mg per pouch. 

  7. 7. They're more cost effective. Nicotine pouches are less expensive than other nicotine- and tobacco-based products (especially when you buy them online). A single can of snus through Northerner can cost between £3 to £5, for instance, whereas the latest figures show that buying a pack of cigarettes in the UK will set you back more than £16. 

  8. 8. Finally, no stained teeth or unpleasant odours! Unlike cigarettes, all-white, tobacco-free snus don't contain the ingredients that typically cause the yellowing and discolouration of your teeth. There's also no odour from nicotine pouches that will follow you around all day (or absorb into your clothes and hair) – the only time you'll smell anything is when you open the can. 

Buying Nicotine Pouches in the UK

Northerner was founded in 1998 and, since then, has become the largest online retailer of smokeless tobacco and nicotine products in the UK. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience built up in this category, our assortment is chock-full of quality products and continues to expand to ensure we keep up with our customers' wants and needs.
Order online today with your favourite products at your fingertips and fast shipping options, guaranteed! Get your order delivered directly to your door within 1-3 working days from Northerner’s UK warehouse, all while securing low prices on top brands.  

Nicotine Pouch FAQ

What Are Nicotine Pouches?

A nicotine pouch (also known as "snus" or "white snus") is a small, white, typically flavoured pouch that gets parked underneath your top lip where the nicotine is absorbed. These pouches are intended for adult nicotine consumers who are looking for a tobacco-free alternative to smoking. Head over to The Northerner Blog for more helpful resources in terms of understanding different snus strengths, the difference between nicotine pouches and Swedish snus as well as tips on how to quit snus.

Can I Buy Nicotine Pouches Online in the UK?

You're able to buy nicotine pouches in the UK so long as you are over 18 years old. You will find them behind-the-counter in certain grocery stores, petrol stations and kiosks, but by far the widest flavour assortment and best value is available online.

How Do I Use Nicotine Pouches?

Using nicotine pouches is very straightforward. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to use nicotine pouches on The Northerner Blog, or if you’re short on time, here’s all you need to know: 

  1. 1. Open the can. 
  2. 2. Pop a fresh pouch between your top lip and gum. 
  3. 3. Leave it there for 5-60 minutes (the exact amount of time is up to you but will depend on a number of factors such as how experienced you are with nicotine, the strength you've chosen, etc). 
  4. 4. Remove the pouch and dispose of it responsibly – either in a bin or in the lid. 

What Are the Side Effects of Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches contain nicotine (as the name suggests), which is a highly addictive substance and should not be consumed if you are pregnant/breastfeeding or have high blood pressure, for instance.  

If you’re wondering, “are nicotine pouches safe?” You can read more about our independent lab testing via Nicoleaks. We also summarise the main nicotine pouch side effects in our blog, but keep in mind that the intensity of these side effects can vary from person to person and will also depend on your rate of nicotine consumption.  

Please consult your doctor if there’s any doubt about whether you have personal or medical reasons that prevent you from using nicotine pouches.